Tales from the Rubble:   The Th’rath-Lesmis Region

Past:  Th’rath-Lesmis is the former agricultural heartland. Before the war the region was considered the breadbasket of eastern Lesmis. Pre-war Bor’horat was the state capital and was equal in size and population of her nearest neighboring large city, Rath-Aphet.  Impressive agri-tech came out of Bor’horat, especially water conservation technology that spread throughout the great Lesmis and Mus’revrin states.  Bor’horat was devastated during the End War after taking the brunt of a high yield nuclear attack.  Hundred of thousands perished in the initial blast and millions suffered afterwards.  The region burned after several more nuclear attacks, obliterating the vast fields and small worker-towns.  Survivors fled southward into the Th’rath-Lesmis mountain range, dying in the thousands from nuclear fallout, aggressive survivors and the harsh environs of the burning mountain range.

Present Day:  Today the state is barely populated as there is nothing to offer except ruined cities, radioactive desert and roaming bands of Kill-Slavers. The region is a definite draw for the Sojan-Hamat, who scour the ruins for ancient technology.

Map of southern Th’rath-Lesmis
In modern, war-scarred Th’rath-Lesmis there are several factions fighting for power:

Bor’horat:    Once the state capital before the war, Bor’horat is considered a military-strengthened water-town. Lake Bor’horat is the main reason the Iron Authority goes to extremes in controlling the rebuilt sections of Bor’horat. Steel Lord forces control the waters of the lake with extreme prejudice and will go to any lengths in keeping scavengers and water-looters away.  Vhile Ses’tet is the J’Havinar commander of the town but he leaves the day to day running of Bor’horat to his particularly loathsome underling, Kol-Captain Hess’it t-Eshiss, a man known for his delight of sadistic punishment of law breakers.

The Iron Authority
The Iron Authority is perhaps the strongest force in the region. Ruled over absolutely by the Iron Mistress, the Authority is seen as the only civilized government in the eastern continent. The J’Havinar, the military force of the Iron Authority, is a force to be reckoned with in the region and many opposed to them keep their heads down and out of sight.

Iron Authority controlled garrison towns, fire bases and roaming units of heavily armed J’Havinar see to it that the IA’s will is enforced. Rath-Aphet, the closest Authority controlled city technically rules over the wastelands of Th’rath-Lesmis, Heshi’met and Mus’revrin but that control is fragile due to distance and man-power.

The Sojan-Hamat have several caravans that scour the empty wastes. Despite their best efforts, the caravans tend to butt heads with the local J’Havinar but always manage to fend off the Iron Authority’s troops regardless of their technological disadvantage. Living in the Th’rath-Lesmis region is difficult on a good day and the Sojan-Hamat do it through sheer aggressiveness and superior wasteland survival techniques.

The two main Sojan-Hamat tribes in the Th’rath-Lesmis regions are the Ghrat Wastes and K’Jhal caravans. Despite being rivals, the two caravans will combine forces if the J’Havinar decide to move against them. Fortunately, the J’Havinar have other worries and it is whispered that some fire base commanders allow some trade with the caravans from time to time.

Side note:   Pria’met is from the Ghrat Wastes Caravan.

Pria as young girl
Pria’met as a young girl hiding from a Do’vari
To the common wastelander, the very thought of Kill-Slavers sends them into hystical panic! Kill-Slavers are groups of killers, thugs, rapists, cannibals and sadists, that prey on anyone they can out-shoot. Anyone who survives a Kill-Slaver attack is doomed to be sold off to Murder Pits, Sacrificial Cults, Ghul raiding parties or anyone who needs a live person to do unspeakable things to.

The Iron Authority shoots Kill-Slavers on sight and the Sojan-Hamat, who have suffered attacks by Kill-Slavers, have very dire ways of dealing with any slaver they catch. Unfortunately for the Bor’horat area, the threat has not been reduced regardless of stepped up J’Havinar patrols.