Hi all!

First the bad news:  With a slightly heavy heart I had to kill my baby.  The current series of the Ruins of Hesh’imet has been going on since 2012 and I have had a love-hate relationship with it.  I don’t like making excuses but I feel I owe an explanation.  The series featuring Hal, Pria, Brach, E’Lonmin, etc., was my first attempt at a long form webcomic and I jumped right in without fully fleshing out characters, the world or even the whole plot.   Also, the art has changed dramatically since the first page was put online.  This, of all those things, has bugged me.  I know that comic art changes over time but the difference from one issue to the next has constantly nagged me.   So, because of that, if felt like I HAD to put a page out each week instead of WANTING to draw and upload a new page.

After talking to some friends and my wife, I fell it is better to stop the series, even at that point of the issue.  Maybe I’ll get back to finishing it at some point.


The Good News:  Hesh is not dead.  I want to explore as much of Hesh as possible and to do that, I’m going to do short stories (12 pages at most).  These shorts will be linked to the next in a serial sort of way.  Much like what Mark Schultz did with his Xenozoic series (I HIGHLY recommend his comic!!).  I’m also going to go Black and White again from printing reasons:  cost, ease, etc.  I will eventually get around to coloring the comic for limited print runs.

The image above will be the style of the next story.  I wanted to go back to my original idea (way back in 2011) to have Hesh’imet be more “cartoony.”  It allows me to draw the series faster, is WAY MORE interesting to me and will add a little character to the…er.. characters! 😉

Good Good News:  The characters from my original series are not gone.  I love them to much to simply get rid of them.  Pria will be in the next series and I will have other series featuring E’Lonmin and Brach.  Hal will appear at some point or another.

THANK YOU for reading my ramble and for your continued viewership and support!  Please let me know what else you would like to see in future Hesh stories and be on the look out for a Hesh’imet Patreon I’m working on getting up.  This will feature work in progress pictures, process videos, color pinups, and a look into my Fantasy World tied to the Hesh’imet universe!

Thank you again!  Best to all!  — Rich