Silver Daughters
The Silver Daughters of M’Ahrem, alongside the Golden Sons of U’l, were believed to have been created by the gods to help shape and populate the world.

The number of those who believe in the Silver Daughters are very few, and some of them claim the moon is actually a Silver Daughter and that her silver-soft light bathes the world at night.

Aspect Immortals
Aspect Immortals are believed to be the “final” earthly forms of a Silver Daughter or Golden Son. These “immortals” represent concepts and functions given physical form which allow them to grant these capabilities to the whole world. For example, the mere presence of the Maker of Names in the world allows humanity to create language.

The Divine
The Divine is a generic term used by most inhabitants of Hesh’imet, however, a great many of them do not believe in the gods, Silver Daughters, immortals, etc. The names of the gods worshipped before the End War have been forgotten. Survivors of the End War blamed the gods for their terrible suffering and destroyed any temple not already demolished by the bomb blasts.