Len Border Sub-Sector



The Len Border Sub-Sector is a stellar DMZ between the H’Krennis People’s Collective and the Anaeldi Concordant.  While both sides are not currently in open war, they are building up along the border in case hostilities erupt.



Trendennin Empire: (not shown on map)
The largest and most secure of the factions in the southwestern ring.  The Trendennin largely ignores other stellar factions unless they intrude upon the Empire’s world.  As a largely neutral party, the Empire oversees trade disputes between rival governments.   The Trendennin Empire’s military is the largest and most advanced known.  Fortunately for other stellar governments, the Empire is mostly unaggressive.


A dystopian military regime that controls a handful of highly fortressed systems.  Aggressive and brutal to both enemies and fellow citizens, the H’Krennis enslave or destroy any civilization they come upon in their relentless expansion.  They have purposely refrained from attacking the Anaeldi Concordant because of internal strife and the Anaeldi military, which is nearly equal in strength.  The H’Krennis People’s Collective is the official state party.  No other party is allowed to exist.  Because of the power of several large corporations, the military has allowed them some independence, as long as they NEVER turn against the Party. 


Home to a mostly homogenous race (spiders), the Anaeldi Concordant is made up of like-minded systems of people who share a genetic ancestor. Though not entirely peaceful, they are not expansionists in the way the H’Krennis Regime is.  They also take it upon themselves to make peace with new cultures, instead of going to war.  The Anaeldi are trading partners with the Trendennin Empire, which proves to be an irritant with the corporations of H’Krennis.